A betting system based on the odds movements

The odds movement and the differences between the initial and current odds rates can be a really powerful betting tool and are the basic of many sports betting systems. Of course, some experienced punters can use very complicated and more accurate systems, but in this article I will talk about a really simple, but yet profitable betting system. It needs only the bettor to be disciplined as much as possible and to follow the system in good and bad moments.

Here are all the needed details for this system.

It is obvious for everyone who deals with sports betting that the movement of odds can give an idea about the most of the placed bets worldwide in any sports match. It is known that as a response to the large number of placed bets on a particular outcome, the bookies (here we can include the biggest companies like bet365, bet-at-home, William Hill and all the others) reduce the odds and thus stimulate the bettors to bet on the other possible outcome. Thus bookies ensure their profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

However, by reducing the odds the bookies also increase the margin on the Asian handicap lines. This is especially true for sports with many points scored by both teams like basketball, handball, American football and others.

What should we do to try gaining profit? We choose a line for each initial odds and if the current odds fall below it we bet straight away. We go to the bookmaker’s site and back on Asian handicap the team which odds are getting higher.

This helps us to use the initial betting predictions made by the bookmaker’s experts against the predictions made by the ordinary punters. At least I have no doubt that the bookmaker will be the better of the two, which will be in our favor in the long run.